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Stay Healthy

Goal Setting

  • where you are now
  • where you will be
  • how to get there

Open Air

  • outdoor
  • fresh air
  • refreshing

Learning Skills

  • learning from success
  • learning more from mistakes

Friendship and Fun

  • social events
  • making friends
  • enjoying together

Where We Play

Lakeside Golf Course

Hillside Golf Course

Seaside Golf Course

Hilly Golf Club

Hilly Golf Club welcomes golf players of different skill levels. Members play games at different time of the year, in different courses nearby.

We meet regularly between 7pm-9pm each Friday night, at games room of Hills RSL club. Come and have a chat to know more about the club, and the upcoming games.

Download and fill in the application form to become a member, and get ready for the fun and friendship in the next game.

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